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America's new piano value leader….

Wyman Vertical Pianos: The Wise Choice! Wyman Ebony Grand Piano Cast Iron Plate

Wyman vertical pianos come in an exciting array of quality styles and finishes to meet every need, from practical designs and small entry-level instruments to larger professional studio upright models and the Wyman Vertical Grand. The Wyman polished finishes are as durable as they are beautiful, adding beauty and style to any décor. The new Wyman American Designer Collection models feature beautiful satin finishes in popular sizes and designs for today's casual American lifestyle. Home - the best place to be with your new Wyman vertical piano! Wyman instruments are made only from the finest materials to provide you and your family a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Wyman Vertical Grand
The striking Wyman Model WV132 52" Vertical Grand provides the serious pianist with grand piano sound and performance from a quality upright piano. Its extra large soundboard area and longer bass string length produces more volume and provides the tone of a parlor grand piano. The beautiful Classic Polished Ebony finish provides durability for any use, and of course a matching bench which opens for handy music storage is available.

Wyman Studio Uprights

Carefully crafted to exacting specifications at our state of the art factory in Asia, Wyman Studio Upright models provide quality musical performance for the beginner and the more advanced player alike.

The Wyman Model WV120 is a 48" studio upright available in two styles: Classic Polished Ebony with straight legs ending in a stabilizing toe block, and also a beautiful Classic Polished Mahogany with curved legs ending in a stabilizing wooden base. This is classic styling in a practical format to assure years of quality performance. A deluxe adjustable bench is available.

The Wyman Model WV118 is a 46" studio upright available in Institutional Satin Walnut or Traditional Polished Ebony finish. This traditional studio model also features top and fallboard locks, as well as a classic straight leg styling in a practical format with toe blocks for safe and easy moving around. This popular studio size is perfect for school or church use, as well as in the home. The beautiful matching bench is available, and opens for handy music storage.

The Wyman Model WV115 is a 45" studio upright available in three finishes: Classic Polished Ebony, Classis Polished Mahogany, or Classic Polished Cherry. Each features our standard studio piano styling with straight legs ending in the standard toe block. Of course, a matching padded bench that opens for music storage is available.

The Wyman Model WV110 is a 43" studio upright also available in Classic Polished Ebony, Classic Polished Mahogany, or Classic Polished Cherry. These pianos feature the good looks of the larger Wyman studio pianos, as well as stabilizing toe blocks, but in a more compact size. Because these instruments feature a large scale design, including more soundboard area and longer bass string speaking length, they sound richer and fuller than many larger competitive instruments of lesser quality.

Wyman Continental Verticals
The Wyman Model WV108 is a 42.5" continental style console piano available in three contemporary polished finishes: Polished Ebony, Polished Cherry, and Polished Mahogany. These popular models fit nicely in today's contemporary home setting, providing quality piano performance and value: the hallmark and tradition of the Wyman piano. A deluxe padded bench is available, and also opens for convenient music storage.

Wyman American Designer Series
A Wyman exclusive! These elegant new instruments feature American furniture styling by our award winning Wyman designer in America. The striking colors and smooth satin finishes enhance the beautiful wood grain featured in each style. The gracefully carved music desks and carefully coordinated leg designs add elegance and character to your room décor. These beautiful instruments will stand the test of time, and provide you and your family with generations of musical enjoyment. Wyman: exquisite pianos of extraordinary quality and value!

The Wyman Designer Series Vertical Model WV110 is a 43" console piano that is available in four styles: Sable Brown Mahogany, American Country Gallery Oak, French Provincial Sable Cherry, and Country French Oak. Each comes with a beautiful matching bench that opens for handy music storage.

The sleek and elegant design of the Wyman Designer Series piano allows placement in smaller areas of the home, without sacrificing the musical quality and performance expected of Wyman instruments. Its large-scale design affords a larger soundboard and longer bass string speaking length for a tone superior to that of many larger pianos of lesser quality. These beautiful Wyman instruments are the focal point of family musical enjoyment wherever they are placed in the home.

Wyman Grand Pianos
The Wise Choice! Four popular sizes to choose from:

Model WG145 - 4' 9"
Model WG160 - 5' 3"
Model WG170 - 5' 7"
Model WG185 - 6' 1"

Wyman grand pianos offer classic grand piano styling in a number of popular colors and finishes. Wyman grands provide quality grand piano performance typically found only in grand pianos that cost much more, delivering on the Wyman promise of quality and value!

The traditional shape of the modern grand piano instantly conveys a sense of timeless elegance. Friends and family alike will associate your quality Wyman grand with a passion for the finer things in life: beauty, culture, education, intelligence, and in general, a higher standard of living. Music is the universal language of culture and beauty that spans international boundaries. A Wyman grand piano in the home points to a cultured lifestyle. A Wyman grand piano in the home indicates a passion for beauty and upscale living. A Wyman grand piano is the wise choice.

Classic Polished Ebony provides your Wyman grand with a timeless elegance that will compliment the most discriminating setting. The durable burnished finish is easy to care for and will maintain its beauty for a lifetime. The beautiful matching bench opens for handy music storage.

The Wyman grand in Contemporary Polished Mahogany offers a deep hued wood grain finish that is as durable as it is beautiful. Grand pianos are classic in shape and unique in their character, and this beautiful instrument will also add much to its surrounding decor. This Wyman instrument speaks elegance in a very eloquent way! The beautiful matching bench also opens for handy music storage.

The Wyman grand in Classic Polished Snow White will dramatically enhance the ambiance of a special room's décor. Picture this showpiece Wyman instrument as seen by your neighbors through your living room window! It is absolutely stunning, and is now available by special order. Matching padded bench is available.

The French Provincial Wyman grand in Classic Polished Cherry finish is available by special order. Its delicately carved music desk and classic cabriole legs give this instrument an impressive air of grace and elegance. It is a unique and stylish look that will compliment your fine furnishings and reflect upon your good taste. The Wyman grand piano is now also available in Polished Ebony or Satin Oak finish by special order. Of course, matching padded benches are available.

Wyman Pianos: America's new piano value leader!