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Wyman High Polish Ebony Grand Pianos, also available in High Polish Mahogany and High Polish Cherry Finishes. Wyman Vertical Upright Pianos available in various sizes all the way to full size Studio Uprights and in High Polish Ebony, High Polish Mahogany, and High Polish Cherry Finishes.
Why Wyman?

Today's discerning customer is searching for the right combination of quality and value. In response to that demand, Wyman Piano provides a full line of upright and grand pianos. These acoustic instruments are available in a wide selection of sizes and finishes, ranging from our 42.5" continental vertical to the calssic, elegant 6'1" grand. They are manufactured to exacting standards under the watchful eye of our experienced team, and ar available at prices that make them appealing and affordable.

Experienced musicians and students alike will appreciate the pleasing tone and responsive action of these beautiful instruments. To ensure quality of tone, Wyman pianos incorporate several proven and unique construction elements, such as the 19-ply Wyman wrestplank and the

Wyman TriPhonic™ spruce soundboard, that ensure solid tuning stability and maximize sound transmission.

The full range of style and finish options allow the discerning customer to find just the right model for their home, business, place of worship, or school. Finish selection varies by model, from traditional polished finishes in Ebony, Cherry, and Mahogany to American Country Gallery Oak, French Provincial Sable Cherry or, by special order, grands in a truly beautiful Polished Snow White. Vertical pianos are produced in a variety of cabinet styles to blend with any home's decor, ranging from contemporary to the traditional. The classic shape and styling of Wyman grand pianos convey a sense of timeless elegance.

Music is the universal language of culture and beauty that spans international boundaries. What better way to bring that culture and beauty to life than with a Wyman Piano?